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Road Tripper

At Road Tripper, They believe that the journey is the destination and good times are just around the corner.
In a frenetic world that too often exceeds the speed limit, Road Tripper offers the perfect off-ramp: high-quality, feel-good flower for those that want to put life in park and just chill.
So, grab your buds and find your highway. Look to the horizon — and wander freely.

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SWEETSPOT edibles are available in a range of formulas that work together, or separately, to help you find your preferred state of mind. Whether you’re looking for a way to relax, focus, sleep, or just enjoy life, there’s a SWEETSPOT that’s right for you.

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We started with the spirit of creativity and soulful intentions. Making sure we deliver the highest quality products of responsibly sourced goodness. Hand-crafting cannabis confections to guide our community into a deeper experience of flavor, connection to ingredients, plant medicine and self-care. Award winning chocolate from small batch makers is at the heart of what we do. Our herbalist inspired recipes bring an added dimension of health conscious, healing ingredients into a full cannabinoid, full spectrum experience, every time.

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Ready to escape the ordinary? You’re just moments away from Lift Off. Leave it all behind knowing you’ll land safely upon your return. COUNTDOWN™ is a nano emulsion cannabis-infused beverage that delivers a sky-high blast with powerful flavor. Sip or guzzle, it’s up to you, you’re in control. These beverages are an enjoyable way to streamline your escape.

And, unlike most expensive space travel, COUNTDOWN™ is a great bang for your buck. 3…2…1…Lift Off!

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Bailey’s Buds

Bailey’s Buds is a social equity, family business. Their head grower, Gus Bailey, has been growing weed in Massachusetts since the 90’s & had grow-ops in Watertown, Boston & Waltham until he was arrested in 2011 & sentenced to 84 months in federal prison. When he was released from prison, the Bailey family pooled their resources to buy an old mill in Dracut & took it down to the studs to build out the grow. They grow with the ideal grow setup: Indoor, Organic, No-Till Living Soil.

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