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Food Drive Donation

Bring at least 3 non-perishable food items to donate and receive 1 extra VIP point!

All donations are going to local food pantries on the South Shore.

Limit 1 VIP point per day.

Cyber Monday 11/28

$5 Grapes & Cream Preroll for VIP Members Only (In Store Only)

Quadruple (3 extra) VIP Points for pre-Orders

Mix and Match Bulk Pricing - Bulk pricing may not be reflected in online order totals.

  • Flower - Pick up 3.5g flower units at the same price, in groups of 2, 4, or 8 for our best pricing!
  • Prerolls - Try any 5 1g Pre-Rolls for $60!
  • Prerolls - Try any 5 0.8g Pre-Rolls for $50!
  • Seltzers - Grab some Levia, Cantrip, or Good Feels seltzers in groups of 4 or 12, for our best pricing!

Treat your best buds right, grab them a gift card today!

***All delivery orders are subject to the recording via body camera per Massachusetts state regulations*** Bud Bus is a courier delivery service delivering for South Shore Buds MA LIC. MR282881

Delivery is available all over the South Shore and Boston!