Updated Flower Prices At South Shore Buds!

When you ask yourself, “what’s the best dispensary near me?” or “who has the absolute best budtenders?” or “what’s the best south of Boston dispensary?”  we hope you say it’s us, your buds here at SSB.  See how we made that rhyme?  Need more reasons to love us? An eighth or two or three on which to focus?  Two rhymes in a row. Now keep reading below.      

It’s been HOT so it’s time to chill, in every sense of the word!  So while you crank up the AC and update your wardrobe to include as little as possible, we’re cranking down the costs and updating flower prices on some of our favorites.  And don’t forget, if it’s too hot to head out, get weed delivery from our partners at Bud Bus!

Eighths of Golden Pupil from Ocean Breeze, Designer Runtz from Smyth, Wedding Crasher and Gelato #33 from Revolutionary Clinics, Durban from Cresco,  Gelato from Green Thumb and Crescendo from Heirloom Collective all perfectly priced to get you through the dog days of summer. (while supplies last, prices valid 8/18-21)  

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