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Hey, all you cannabis connoisseurs and Wiz Khalifa fans out there! Today, we’re about to embark on a mind-blowing journey into the world of Khalifa Kush and something fresh, something minty – Khalifa Mints!   Picture this: Back in the early ’10s, Wiz Khalifa was busy creating magic in sunny Los Angeles. That’s when the legendary Khalifa Kush (KK) was born. Tailored specifically for Wiz’s taste, this strain was like his secret treasure, tucked away in his private stashes.   But you know what they say – sharing is caring! In 2014, Wiz decided to spread the love and shared the iconic Khalifa Kush with the world. A journey of two years led to the first-ever Khalifa Kush flower sales in 2016, and since then, they’ve been blazing a trail with a full line of products. From classic flower to convenient pre-roll – you can try it all at South Shore Buds! Each puff takes you closer to the magic that is Wiz Khalifa himself.   But wait, there’s more! Hold on to your lighters, because we’ve got a minty fresh surprise for you! Say hello to Khalifa Mints – the newest addition to their stellar lineup. Hand-selected by Wiz himself, Khalifa Mints (KK x The Menthol) is the perfect cross, combining everything you love about KK with a refreshing minty kick. It’s no wonder it gained a cult following at their genetics partner, Compound Genetics, for its unique profile, look, and taste. The smoke is exceptionally strong, boasting a heavy, long-lasting high that keeps you coming back for more. And the aroma? A mashup of classic OG gas, creamy gelato, and minty menthol – it’s a flavor profile that’s a connoisseur’s dream. Just like KK, Khalifa Mints are versatile, perfect for both day and night – an uplifting, active, and cerebral high that won’t take you over the top.   So, whether you’re vibing to Wiz’s tunes or simply seeking an unforgettable cannabis experience, look no further. Khalifa Kush and Khalifa Mints are here to elevate your game and keep you coming back for more! Order yours ahead of time at SouthShoreBuds.com or come in and ask your budtender!  

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