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Memorial Day Weekend at South Shore Buds Cannabis Dispensary

It’s easy to forget as we get caught up in the excitement of preparing for the upcoming long weekend; as we gather with friends and family in backyards and beaches; as we eat, drink and let’s be honest smoke up, and celebrate the unofficial start of summer; that Memorial Day weekend is about so much more.  It’s a day to pause and remember the men and women of the United States armed services who stood up when it would have been so much easier to sit down; those who left when it would have been so much easier to stay; those who said I’ll go, when it would have been so much easier to let someone; those who never came home.  So before you get caught up in the craziness this weekend, the shopping, the grilling, the mowing, or maybe even the swimming, take a moment to be grateful, take a moment to honor the sacrifice made by the daughters and sons, sisters and brothers, fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, the friends and neighbors who never came home, those whose spirits forever live on in our hearts.  To those who served, thank you, and to those who continue to serve, thank you.  Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. 


We hope you can make time to join us SATURDAY! We’ve invited some friends over for a little weekend get-together, and of course, you’re invited! We’ll have some Memorial Day Weekend pre-roll special that will make you perk up and say, “I’m lighting this, someone else can light the grill.” Plus, Levia, the folks who make those refreshing and fun Cannabis infused seltzers, will be hanging out with us playing cornhole.  Be sure to ask your budtender how you can save big on those Levia seltzers by stocking up!   Mederi, one of South Shore Bud’s newest partners, will be there Saturday too.  They grow their Cannabis using a truly fascinating process that involves fish and they’d love to tell you all about it!  Both Levia and Mederi are available for delivery on the Bud Bus App by the way!


Our friends from Bud Bus will be there Saturday too and they’re bringing their prize wheel.  They are continuing to change the game in cannabis delivery with their Bud Bus App. If you haven’t downloaded it yet from the App Store, do it now and bring South Shore Bud’s thoughtfully curated menu right to your iPhone screen, then right to your front step! If you’re an Android user, don’t worry they still haven’t forgotten you, but for now, be sure to favorite BudBus.com on your home screen.  They can even help you set it up SATURDAY between prize wheel spins!


When it comes to South Shore Cannabis, we want to be your local shop, your south shore dispensary, and your South Shore Buds.  If you got friends visiting this summer, maybe even this weekend, wouldn’t it be great to say, “Hey, there’s a dispensary near me!” Perhaps you know someone who’s been trying Plymouth Cannabis because, unlike you, they didn’t realize there was fantastic Marshfield Cannabis.  Or maybe you know someone who has been to a dispensary in Kingston, MA, because, unlike you, they didn’t know there was a dispensary in Marshfield, MA.  Bring them by to meet us!  


We hope to see you SATURDAY! And just as a heads up, South Shore Buds will be closed on Memorial Day so our staff can all relax and chill and most importantly, take some time to smell the flower…




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