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Light Up The Night With Resinate’s Glow Sticks!

Hey, SSB Fam! We’ve got some exciting news that will make your cannabis experience shine even brighter. Right now, we’re running a Buy One Get One (BOGO) special on the ultra-popular .5g Glow Stick joints. But wait, there’s more! When you snag one .5g Glow Stick, you’ll get a second 1g Glow Stick for just $2! This deal is so hot, it’s practically glowing.


Glow Sticks are not your average joints—they’re crafted with precision using premium flower and infused with bubble hash. We believe in delivering a next-level experience to you, and Glow Sticks are here to light up your cannabis adventures.


Picture this: you grab a .5g Glow Stick and get a whopping 1g Glow Stick for just $2 extra. That’s a savings of $23! We’re not just offering a deal; we’re giving you a golden ticket to an elevated cannabis journey without burning a hole in your wallet.


The Glow Sticks come in two fantastic options to suit your mood and preference- So F’n Gassy and G13 Genius. Let’s dive into the world of So F’n Gassy—a creation by the masterminds at Twenty 20 Genetics. This powerhouse hybrid delivers an earthy jet fuel experience, thanks to its Snow-G (Sour Snow x San Fernando Valley OG) and Bad Girl (GSC X The Whip! Bx4) parentage. Imagine earthy jet fuel flavors blending seamlessly with a sour musk, offering a unique sensation of peace, happiness, relaxation, and energy. So F’n Gassy isn’t just any hybrid; it’s your ticket to versatility. Whether you’re winding down after a long day or gearing up for a creative burst, this strain has your back. Fans of SFV OG will find a new favorite in So F’n Gassy.


At Resinate, they take pride in their infusion process. It’s not just about rolling a joint; it’s about ensuring that every pre-roll consistently delivers a potent and reliable effect. Their commitment to quality means you can count on the Glow Stick experience to be nothing short of spectacular.


So, what are you waiting for? Grab your glow and let the good times roll. Our BOGO special won’t last forever, so head into South Shore Buds dispensary and illuminate your cannabis journey with Glow Sticks! Ask your budtender today!


Light up, lift off, and let the glow guide your way!

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