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Elevate Your Super Bowl Sunday with the Ultimate “Super Bowl” Experience

Super Bowl Sunday is here, and what better way to enhance your game-day experience than by making your bowl a “Super Bowl”? Say goodbye to the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with a variety of bowl toppers that will take your Super Bowl watching festivities to new heights. In this guide, we’ll explore some unique and potent options, including the exceptional brick hash from Belushi’s Farms by Local Roots, bubble hash from Nature’s Heritage, and the infamously rare Double Krush kief.


For a truly authentic and flavorful experience, consider adding Belushi’s Farms brick hash to your Super Bowl bowl. Inspired by time-honored, hand-crafted traditions rooted in the Middle East, this process naturally induces the production of Hashinene, a hash-specific terpene found only in traditional pressed brick hash. Available in strains like indica Blueberry Muffin and hybrid Orange Cake, this delicious and easy-to-work-with product can be added right on top of your flower for an extra kick of flavor and potency.


Nature’s Heritage brings a unique twist to the Super Bowl experience with their bubble hash, available in strains such as Ebony & Ivory and Local Skunk. Using a solventless process that involves washing fresh flower in ice water to extract trichrome heads, bubble hash gets its name from its tendency to ‘bubble’ when exposed to heat. Elevate your bowl with this pure and potent addition that promises a flavorful and aromatic kick, all without the use of solvents.


For the cherry on top of your Super Bowl bowl, explore Nature’s Heritage Double Krush kief. Made from collected trichomes of their fresh flower, this solventless dry ice extracted kief is the most potent element of the plant in terms of cannabinoids. Double Krush, an infamously rare indica hybrid, lives up to its name by delivering an all-gas, no-brakes experience. Perfect for those seeking total relaxation without the usual sleepy side effects, this strain is ideal for relieving stress and tension.


This Super Bowl Sunday, take your bowl to the next level by incorporating these exceptional bowl toppers. Whether you opt for the flavorful brick hash from Belushi’s Farms, the pure bubble hash from Nature’s Heritage, or the potent Double Krush kief, you’re sure to elevate your Super Bowl experience to new heights. Make your bowl a “Super Bowl” and enjoy the game in style with these unique and potent additions. Cheers to a Super Bowl Sunday like no other!

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