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Elevate Your Experience with Our Latest Bundles!

Hey there, fellow enthusiasts of the finer things in life! We’re absolutely thrilled to introduce you to our brand-new bundles that are going to take your enjoyment to the next level. Let’s dive in, shall we?


Get ready to be mesmerized by these amazing flower bundles, a selection of premium buds that’ll have you savoring every moment. From the euphoric and fruity Gelato Punch (H) to the relaxing vibes of Wedding Cake (I), and so much more, this is a journey through the world of flavors and aromas. Grab some delicious $59.99 flower for these great prices: 7g/$115, 14g/$220, 28g/$410, $49.99 flower: 7g/$95, 14g/$180, 28g/$340, $39.99 Flower: 7g/$77.50, 14g/$145, 28g/272.50, and $25 Flower: 3.5g/$25, 14g/$99, 28g/175. Take the opportunity to try out those new strains you’ve been eyeing, or re-up on your favorites!



Our Pre-roll Bundles are perfect for those moments when you want convenience without compromising on quality. Imagine yourself kicking back with friends, passing around the smoothest pre-rolls filled with top-notch strains. Grab 1g SSB Pre-rolls for just $11.00/each, 2/$20, 5/$45, or 10/$80! Browse strains like Afternoon Tea (H), Crescendo (H), White Runtz (I), and more. And enjoy .5g SSB pre-rolls for just $5.00, or 10/$45! It’s like a mini celebration in every puff! For the toker who enjoys quality and quantity we have some exciting pre-roll pack bundles! Check out SSB pre-roll 3pks for $15.00/each, or 2/$25.00. And lastly, SSB Pre-roll 5pks for $22.00/each, or 2/$40.00! Take home some fire pre-roll packs in strains like Holidaze (I) and Modified Punch (I). Who doesn’t love more! More to share or more for you, it’s a win-win!



Craving a delectable experience? Look no further than our Edibles Bundles. Indulge in a variety of mouthwatering gummy delights. Try tasty gummies from The Botanist in flavors like Sparkling Orange (S) (Fast-Acting), Key Lime (S), and Kiwi Strawberry 1:1 THC:CBN. All of their edibles are made with thoughtfully sourced, premium ingredients to maximize your enjoyment. Botanist gummies are $24.00/each or 3/$60.00! Now, there’s a Camino gummy for every taste, tolerance, and occasion. With a variety of terpene-tailored effects and delicious fruit flavors, we invite you to explore the family of Camino edibles, which includes sativa gummies, hybrid gummies, and indica gummies. Grab Camino gummies for $23/each or 3/$60.00! We know you’ll… find your sweet spot. And last, but not least are the Kanha Gummy Bundles. Kanha utilizes nanomolecular technology to create cannabinoid particles smaller than a wavelength of light, which makes for a quicker onset and higher absorption rate. Enjoy Kanha Classic Gummies for $24.00/each or 3/$50.00. Explore Kanha Classic flavors like Blue Raspberry (H). Try out Kanha Nano Gummies for $27.00/each or 3/$60.00 in flavors like tasty Acai Blueberry 2:1 CBG:THC. It’s not just about getting lifted; it’s about savoring every bite of the journey.



Quench your thirst for adventure with our Beverages Bundles. Infused with creativity and fun, these refreshing drinks are a playful twist on relaxation. HighTide is a premium cannabis-infused margarita made for tuning in, not checking out. In a world that’s getting faster each day, HighTide helps slow it down, with each sip of our take on the classic cocktail grounding you naturally to life’s greatest moments. It’s a flavorful, refreshing beverage made for enhancing socialization and establishing connections with real, authentic conversation. Grab a HighTide single for $6.50 or 12/$69.9 in flavors like Diablo Spicy Margarita (H), Watermelon Margarita, and Classic Margarita (H). Introducing a crowd favorite, Levia. They craft cannabis-infused social seltzer with natural flavors, 5mg THC, zero calories, and zero sugar. Enjoy any Classic Levia for $7.00/single, 4/$25, or 12/$69.99. From fruity and classic infused mocktails to effervescent and refreshing seltzer infusions, these bundles are your passport to a world of tasteful euphoria.



Buckle up for Vaporizer Bundles that’ll take you on a flavorful journey through vapor clouds. From discrete pens to sophisticated mods, we’ve got a range of options to suit your style. Vaporizers crafted by Good News were created for great moments with the crew. It’s why each Good News product is led by the occasion you love. Enjoy any Good News disposable vaporizer for $32.00 or 3/$75.00. And for .5g vapes, you can now grab Pioneer Valley Cannabis Co. .5g disposable vape singles for $40.00 or 2/$50! Try their flavors, Mango Super Silver Haze (S), Creamsicle (I), and more! It’s not just about vapor; it’s about crafting your own personal escape.



So there you have it, folks! Our new bundles are here to make your experiences even more delightful and vibrant. Whether you’re a flower aficionado, an edible enthusiast, or a vaporizer virtuoso, these bundles are your ticket to exploring a kaleidoscope of sensations. Cheers to new beginnings and elevated adventures!

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Ready to Elevate Your 420 Experience?

Ready to Elevate Your 420 Experience? Welcome, cannabis connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike, to SSB’s special 420 extravaganza! Get ready to elevate your experience as we celebrate the

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