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Elevate romance with chocolates so smooth & silky

Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a delectable assortment of chocolates from SSB. This year, we’re elevating your chocolate experience with an array of mouthwatering options that cater to every taste bud. Join us this Valentine’s Day for a sweet celebration that will leave you and your special someone in a state of pure bliss.


At the heart of our Valentine’s Day celebration are the exquisite Insa gourmet chocolates. Crafted with rich European chocolate, these delights boast a high shine and a satisfying snap that sets them apart. What makes Insa truly special is their meticulous culinary process, ensuring the removal of cannabis odor, allowing you to savor the pure chocolatey deliciousness.
Don’t miss out on our special offer – buy one Insa chocolate and get the second one at 50% off. It’s the perfect opportunity to share these exceptional chocolates with your loved ones. Also indulge in the flavors of love with Insa’s limited edition Red Velvet Smooches. Rich, velvety chocolate enrobes deliciously creamy red velvet ganache, capturing the essence of love. It’s a chef’s kiss in every bite! Each Red Velvet smooch contains 5mg of THC, 20 pieces per pack. And that’s not all! Unlock a new level of yum with Insa’s Peanut Butter Smooches – the munchies makeover you didn’t know you needed! Fancy European chocolate snuggles up to the ultimate bad-boy, salted peanut butter, all infused with top-shelf cannabis wizardry. Each bite-sized smooch packs 5mg of THC. Mix and match chocolate bars and smooches, or just go with one type of chocolate treat if that’s your thing!


For other chocolate options, indulge in the magic of Ahh Moments chocolate bars, where they collaborate with award-winning small batch producers to create handcrafted cannabis chocolates. These bars highlight superfoods and organic, responsibly sourced ingredients, delivering a unique and delightful flavor profile that will enchant your taste buds.


In addition to our featured Insa and the Ahh Moments chocolates, South Shore Buds offers an extensive selection of chocolate edibles to suit every preference. Explore the diverse world of Coast Cannabis chocolate bars, Kiva Terra chocolate bites, and SweetSpot RSO hardshell chocolates.


This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself and your loved ones to an unforgettable chocolate experience at South Shore Buds. From the decadent Insa chocolates to the enchanting Ahh Moments bars and a variety of other delectable options, we have something for every chocolate connoisseur. Join us on February 14th for a celebration of love, sweetness, and pure indulgence.


INSA Chocolate Buy One, Get One 50% Off Valid 2/14/24 Only, While Supplies Last. Excludes 1pc Smooches.*

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