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Craft Cannabis Grown In Living Soil

Cannabis has been around for hundreds of years, and for a good chunk of that time – like for most of that time – all of it was grown in the good ol’ earth. That is, it was grown in soil. If the rumors are in fact true about our founding fathers, Ben Franklin and his pals didn’t have the benefit of grow lights and supplements. Electricity, am I right? If they’d only known.


Over the last ten years, indoor cannabis cultivation has grown to a commercial level, and more industrial growing methods like hydroponics, aeroponics, and synthetic mediums have become more popular. So that they can increase the yield, many growers give, and in some cases, force-feed the plants’ nutrients even when they do not want or need them. In an effort to get back to the roots – We couldn’t resist, sorry – Craft cannabis cultivators like Tower Three are choosing to grow their cannabis plants in living soil.


Here at South Shore Buds, we’re proud to be adding some of those living soil cultivators to our already elevated dispensary menu! First, what is living soil? It’s putting Mother Nature back in charge. The microbial life in the soil help feeds the plants in exchange for the carbons and sugars the plant releases. Imagine it like the circle of life sans singing. The plant feeds itself what and when it needs. The growers supply the right conditions to help the plant and the soil-food web do its thing. The result is simply the most natural and finest top-shelf marijuana on the market. Most people don’t do it because, much like in the restaurant business, it is easier to prepare mass-market food, but when you put in the extra effort, whether it’s a bud or a burger, the ingredients make the difference.


Tower Three is an award-winning cannabis company that provides the most natural, organic solutions available. Their signature process allows them to produce a superior product, grown in organic living soil, without the use of any harsh chemicals. The final product is 100% clean and free of pesticides, which provides a better-tasting and longer-lasting cannabis experience. Recently Tower Three has taken home the Gold medal for their Half Pint Flower in the 2022 Harvest Cup!!


The cultivators at Tower Three pride themselves in their living soil cultivation, and we’re psyched to have Tower Three cultivars now available on our menu. Next time you drop by, ask one of our budtenders about our living soil offerings!

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