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Celebrate Pride Month with South Shore Buds: Honoring Diversity and Inclusion!

As Pride Month commences, South Shore Buds is thrilled to join the global celebration of love, equality, and diversity. We take immense pride in offering a carefully curated selection of pride products that not only provide an exceptional experience but also support and uplift the LGBTQIA+ community. Let’s delve into the remarkable offerings that await you!


Good News Pride Punch Disposable Vape:

Experience the joy of the Good News Pride disposable vape, an exceptional product with a larger purpose. By choosing this sativa vape, you support Good News’ partnerships with The Brave Space Alliance and The Pride Center, organizations that empower and advocate for LGBTQIA+ individuals.


Levia Pride Celebrate Seltzer:

Quench your thirst with limited edition Levia Pride Celebrate seltzer, a refreshing beverage that embodies the spirit of Pride Month. The limited-edition pride can features original artwork from @haileybonia of @flourishartistic. Additionally, Levia will be donating to the Trans Emergency Fund, The donation will help provide homeless transgender individuals within the state with temporary housing for a year, accompanied by staff to oversee and support the program by providing resources for members as they work to secure their own employment and housing in the future.


Camino Passionfruit Pride Gummies:

Savor the delicious Camino Passionfruit Pride gummies, an edible option that combines great taste with a meaningful impact. For each purchase of these , South Shore Buds implements a $1 match program in partnership with BAGLY (Boston Alliance of LGBTQ+ Youth), doubling your contribution and supporting LGBTQIA+ youth in the Greater Boston area.


Bailey’s Buds x Farnsworth Blue Dream Sour Jack Cannabis Cigarettes:

Experience the finest with Bailey’s Buds x Farnsworth Blue Dream Sour Jack Bailey’s Buds x Farnsworth Blue Dream Sour Jack cannabis cigarettes. Not only does this strain have impressive lineage: Blue Dream (Blueberry x Haze) x Sour Jack (Sour Diesel x Jack Herer), it’s also cultivated by Bailey’s Buds with the ideal grow setup: indoor, organic, no-till living soil. These cannabis cigarettes not only offer an exceptional smoking experience but also represent the celebration of queer entrepreneurship and innovation as Farnsworth is an LGBTIA+ owned brand.


South Shore Buds invites you to join us in celebrating Pride Month by exploring our pride product lineup. From the purpose-driven Good News Pride Punch disposable vape and Levia Pride Celebrate seltzer to the impactful Camino Passionfruit Pride gummies and the queer-owned Bailey’s Buds x Farnsworth Blue Dream Sour Jack cannabis cigarettes, every product embodies the spirit of inclusion and support. Let us come together, honor diversity, and make a positive difference during this joyous month of celebration!


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